Five year olds can learn Calculus

An interesting article that describes how playing with algebraic and calculus concepts—rather than doing arithmetic drills—may be a better way to introduce children to math :

The writer of the article has co-authored a book ‘Moebius Noodles: Adventurous math for the playground crowd‘.


At YCD, we have always followed a hands-on, activity and game based approach to Mathematics. You may read more here:


Origami and mathematics

At YCD we have used origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, on several occasions to explain mathematical concepts.

In this post, let us take a look at three interesting links that explore maths and origami.





1. An article in the BBC about paper folding, nature  and mathematics :

origamiPaper folding isn’t just an art, it can help fit everything on spacecraft from solar panels to telescope mirrors. Two scientists say they have devised an improved way for knowing when to fold them.



2. ebook: Origami – Fun and Mathematics

sastry A book by Shri VSS Sastry (who has visited the Den several times and conducted Workshops) on Origami and Maths.





3.TED talk : The math and magic of Origami